2018 World Series

Harrison Hong, Contributor

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High Hopes for the Dodgers 2018 Season:

The LA Dodgers have returned to the World Series for the second consecutive year. After a loss last year to the Houston Astros, they are seeking to overpower the Boston Red Sox and win the World Series. According to ESPN.com, this is the 114th World Series and the battle between Dodgers and the Red Sox could be a historical World Series displayed in front of one of the biggest crowds of all time.


Summary for Dodgers:

The Dodgers started off the season with a rough, rough beginning. One of their best hitters and infielders, Cory Seager, was out for the year due to a back injury, and Kenley Jansen, a star closer was also out for a majority of the preseason due to a injury. They lost their first three games, and things were looking grim as time passed. But that sadness was short-lived, as Kenley Jansen came back, and the Dodgers won NL first place, for the sixth year in a row, with a close win against the Colorado Rockies. Then, they destroyed the Braves, winning three games and losing one game. After the win, they bounced back against the Milwaukee Brewers in a seven game series.


The Red Sox:

The Red Sox started off the season phenomenally. This year was a historical season for the Red Sox. Their records were 108-54 in the end of the season, and none of their players were injured. They did so well that they were league champions for the third year in a row and finished 8 games in front of second place, the New York Yankees. The Red Sox also achieved a franchise record, beating their 105 win season, in 1914. They also swept both teams they were playing against. This year, the Red Sox could not be stopped.


Hopes for the World Series:

Many people believe that the Red Sox are going to beat the Dodgers in this World Series, and they might not be wrong about that. The Red Sox record completely surpasses the Dodgers’, but there is one fatal error with the Red Sox, and that is the lack of consistency. They cannot withhold their fire. The Dodgers, on the other hand, do have a little bit of consistency. Based off of the previous games this year, the Dodgers could still keep going and bounce back easily, even with a shaky start. So with these two equally powered teams, it is sure to be a fun World Series.