Los Angeles Angels’ New Manager

Nicholas Kim

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The Los Angeles Angels were managed team manager, Mike Scioscia, for the past 19 seasons. Sadness and tears were unable to be held back when news about Mike Scioscia and his resigning was announced. The managing position was then handed over to Brad Ausmus, who was previously working at the Angels dugout. The contract between Ausmus and the Angels was signed and his appearance debuted Monday, October 22.

Mike Scioscia was one of the most important figures in the Angels team franchise. During his first year, he was able to take the Angels into their first ever American League Central title. According to usatoday.com, “…Scioscia had an overall record of 314-322.” Mike Scioscia left the managing title after two sets of decades and seven trips to the playoffs. He also managed to get his team the World Series title in 2002, which is a huge accomplishment for any and all baseball teams.

The new manager, Ausmus, also was a previous team manager for the Detroit Tigers, meaning that he had valid experience managing a team. According to NBCLA, his goal and desire is to win the World Series. Ausmus states that he has spent 18 years as a player, four years as a team manager, and he still does not have a World Series ring. It is evident that within his years with the Angels, his number one ambition will be to win future games, no matter what the circumstances are.

Brad Ausmus’ contract with the Angels will last for three years, and during those years, he plans to motivate his team to always win, disregarding previous games. The Washington Post references back to Ausmus’ interview and states, “My message to the players is to win today,” Ausmus said. “I don’t care what happened yesterday. I don’t care what people say we’re going to do or what other teams are going to do to us. I care about the Los Angeles Angels and I care about winning today. If we do that every single day, we’re going to be just fine.”

Mike Scioscia, arguably one of the greatest team managers, resigned his position as the Los Angeles Angels’ team manager. On the positive note, there is still hope with Ausmus and his future plans. Only time will tell how the Angels will turn out by the time Ausmus resigns.