The Longest Game in World Series History: Game 3

Madison M., Contributor

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18 innings, 5 runs and seven grueling hours marked the longest game in World Series history. On October 26, 2018, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced the Boston Red Sox in Los Angeles, at the Dodgers Stadium. The game was a turning point for the Dodgers and gave a pique of hope. This may be the light at the end of the tunnel for the Dodgers. Fans really did get their money’s worth that night.

Drama was a prominent theme for Eduardo Nunez, #36 on the Red Sox, as he defied gravity throughout the game. The tumbles Nunez took throughout the game quickly frustrated his teammate, Rick Porcello, who was a pitcher. When Nunez entered the dugout, Porcello quickly took action by telling him to stop rolling on the ground and patted Nunez’s helmet violently. Karma quickly turned around and hit Porcello in the face, literally! Nunez’s helmet hit Porcello right in the central incisor, which is also called the front tooth. These tumbles may have brought joy and laughter into many Dodger fans lives, but to Nunez, these falls caused excruciating pains in his ankles. Nunez often experiences pain in his ankles while playing.

Surprisingly, the Dodger stadium remained packed throughout the 18 innings, as fans would not leave until the game was over because it was the World Series, after all. This game was a dog fight, as it went back and forth. To start off the game, Joc Pederson hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the third inning. In the bottom of the seventh inning, the Dodgers had high hopes that they have this game in the bag, as Walker Buehler pitched a strike out to J.D Martinez. But the Red Sox keep pushing through and in the top of the eighth inning, Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a solo homerun to tie the game up. Everyone was tired, but the team’s determination pushed them through the top of the tenth inning with one out and a man on first and third. Edward Nunez hit a pop fly straight to Cody Bellinger and while this was happening, Ian Kinsler sprinted to home, but Cody Bellinger made an amazing throw from center field to home. Ian Kinsler was determined “out,” by a mile, and the game was kept tied at 1 – 1. At the top of the thirteenth inning, the Red Sox scored one run on a Eduardo Nunez grounder to second, as the Dodgers pitcher Scott Alexander unfortunately made a bad throw, and Brock Holt scored. At the bottom of the thirteenth inning, Yasiel Puig hit a ball up the middle and Ian Kinsler made a wild throw, causing Max Muncy to score and tie up the game, both teams at 2 points. Finally the game takes a turn.

At the bottom of the eighteenth inning, Max Muncy hit a solo homerun to left field, and the final score was 3 – 2. The crowd roared with cheers and screams from the stadium and from home. After 18 innings and 7 hours, the Dodgers take the win against the Boston Red Sox. The Dodgers record is now 1 – 2. Now, it’s time for game 4.

Way to go Dodgers!