NBA Highlights: October

Isaiah Chang, Contributer

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   The start of the NBA brought many surprising events. The biggest events were when Lakers and Rockets got into a scuffle, and Blake Griffin got a career high 50 points, which was also the first 50 point game of the season. The Splash Brothers have also had amazing games. The NBA season has just started, and so much has happened already.

    LeBron’s first home game of the season as a Laker was against the Houston Rockets. The spotlight was on LeBron, until the fight happened. According to CBS Sports, the Rockets led 109-108 with 4:13 remaining in the 4th quarter, when Brandon Ingram fouled James Harden. James Harden made a scene, pointing to Ingram indicating he committed a foul. Ingram then shoved Harden, which was a surprise, because Ingram is usually quiet on the court. Lance Stephenson calmed Ingram, but Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul got into a heated argument. The argument quickly escalated when Paul started pointing his finger in Rondo’s face. Supposedly, Rondo aggravated Paul by spitting on him. This led to Paul pointing his finger at Rondo, which led to Rondo punching Paul. After that, Paul threw a punch at Rondo, and then Ingram came out of nowhere and threw a punch in the direction of Paul. According to ESPN, Lance Stephenson said that the Rockets had been picking on Ingram throughout the game, and that was why Ingram behaved so aggressively. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Brandon Ingram, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo were all ejected. Brandon Ingram was suspended for four games, Rondo for three, and Paul for two.

    Blake Griffin had a miraculous 50 point game in a win over the 76ers on October 23rd. This was the first 50 point game of the season, and was also Blake Griffin’s career high for points scored in a game. Griffin was awesome throughout the whole game, and the Pistons won 133-132, thanks to Blake Griffin’s game winning free throw in overtime.

    Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have also showed why they are arguably the best backcourt in the NBA. Steph Curry had 51 points in a win against the Wizards on October 24th. Klay Thompson made NBA history, making 14 three-pointers in a 149-124 win against the Bulls on October 29th. Steph Curry held the record for most threes in a game (13 three pointers made in 2016), until this Monday, when Thompson made 14 three-pointers.

    It’s only been two weeks since the NBA season started, and so much has happened already. Stay tuned to find out what will happen next in this season, the season of ridiculous scoring.