Effective Study Habits of Successful Students

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Effective Study Habits of Successful Students

Irene Sheen, Contributor

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  Habits are regularly repeated behaviors that may be difficult to overcome. It may be as little as biting fingernails, or maybe as serious as being an addicted smoker. Moreover, having a habit usually has a tendency to have a negative connotation. But habits can be more than just bad behaviors that affects one’s life. They can also be easily-adapted routines that can lead to a successful life. So, this article will discuss the effective habits of successful students and how one can take these habits into hand to become a better student.

     1. Set a Goal and Be Positive

  According to The Peak Performance Center, setting a goal allows someone to have control over what they are doing, and also provides direction. It allows one to focus on their tasks and stay organized. Setting a goal also gives someone the motivation to continue what they are doing, and gives people the sense of satisfaction after everything is complete. Staying positive throughout study sessions and being open to constructive feedback is important. People should acknowledge their mistakes and think of it as a learning opportunity. Having a positive attitude will allow a student to feel less stressed and more calm.

      2. Stay Organized

  One can stay organized by creating to-do lists and schedules. This will help them to stay aware of their assignments and stay on task. Prioritizing certain assignments is also form of staying organized. Managing time when studying and working on assignments is another way of being organized. It is essential that one does not cram too much work into one study session. This can cause stress, anxiety, or even poor memory. It is stated from the Educational Connections Tutoring, that cramming information will only make it a short-term memory, therefore, it is most effective if the distributed practice is incorporated. The distributed practice is basically the idea of working and studying a little bit each day, rather than cramming all the information in one night. According to Monster Worldwide Inc., staying organized saves someone’s time, reduces stress, and also increases productivity. Staying organized can allow one to accomplish certain goals and tasks much more easily.

     3. Take and Review Notes

  Taking good notes during class allows one to fully understand an assignment and gives them the potential to correctly finish their work. According to UEFAP, taking notes also helps students to concentrate. Not only does taking notes improve one’s concentration skills, but is also a resource that they can always refer back to when needed. Reviewing notes will refresh someone’s memory on what they learned, and can be used as a study guide. According to Medium a Good Notes, the five best note taking methods are, the outline method, Cornell notes, the boxing method, the charting method, and lastly the mapping method. All in all it is important that students get in the habit of taking and reviewing notes, for it will give advantages in their studies.

    4. Do Not Multitask

  Studies have shown that it is physically impossible for someone to multitask. According to Monster Worldwide Inc., multitasking can make someone less productive, less effective, and can slow down one’s brain. It is also stated from the Health Magazine, that multitasking just stresses one out, causes them to make more mistakes, slows them down, and may cause their memory to suffer. It may seem as if a lot of work is being accomplished when one multitasks, but in reality, it just lowers their productivity. It is much more  beneficial to work on each assignment one at a time.

    5. Stay Isolated from any Distractions

  Distractions can cause a person to achieve less than they planned on. Distractions can range from electronics to daydreaming, but in the end all distractions interfere with one’s life. According to Lemon Grad, there are many reasons to why someone may be distracted. Some key points are that they have a “lack of motivation, lack of interest, and lack of purpose.” Although, distractions impact one’s studies, there are various ways to deal and be isolated from these distractions. One way is to mute and put electronics away from their studying area. Another way is to avoid multitasking and to work on assignments one at a time. It is important that these distractions to not get in the way of one’s studies and work.

  These five habits are some of the most important habits that students should keep in mind to practice. Getting into the habit of using these tips will benefit students greatly, and will help them to become more successful. At first, these habits may seem overwhelming, but over time, students will come to realize how beneficial following these tips are. In conclusion, these five habits are great to build and execute, for they will lead students to a undoubtedly successful life.