Parks’ Speech and Debate: Original Oratory

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Parks’ Speech and Debate: Original Oratory

Nicholas Kim, Contributor

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The Parks’ Speech and Debate team were able to partake in the Speech and Debate tournament held on the campus of Century Highschool in Santa Ana. Twelve enduring hours laid ahead of the Parks’ Panthers consisting of the first three rounds, semi-finals, finals, and the award ceremonies. The Parks’ Panthers were eager and motivated to break into finals and become the tournament champions of their category.

Orators were partitioned into two categories: Novice and Varsity. Depending on the competitors’ levels, they would enter challenging rounds with other rivals from different schools. Some categories for speech included HI (Humorous Interpretation), DI (Dramatic Interpretation), Poetry, Duos, Info, Impromptu, and Original Oratory. Four Panthers: Nicholas Kim, Parshwa Parekh, Sue Oh, and Katie Tran competed in the Original Oratory field, three of which competed in Varsity.

Original Oratory, often shortened as “OO,” is based off of original speech. Original Oratory is usually factual, humorous, and relatable. Orators are granted a speech prior of which they need to memorize and learn distinctive ways to present it through their various skills of public speaking and communication. They would then be judged by high school volunteers and professional judges in a room with other competitors.

During the Speech and Debate Tournament, favorable results surprised all of the Original Orators for the good. All four Parks’ Panthers advanced towards semi-finals for a chance to land their spots in finals. Parshwa Parekh (Varsity) and Nicholas Kim (Novice) were fortunate enough to ascend towards finals, after wining in the semi-finals. Both competitors eventually placed sixth overall during the awards ceremony.

According to Parshwa Parekh, “The tournament was enjoyable because my team members and I were able to hang out. I made it to finals and it was an overall good experience. It was fun and challenging because I wanted to beat many of them and I also wanted to do well. I felt like it was tough, though. My advice for willing orators is to keep observing and listening to other speeches. Work hard and never give up. And most importantly, based on personal experience, don’t frown when you get sixth or second place.”

In a nutshell, the Parks’ Speech and Debate team performed effectively and skillfully at the Speech and Debate Tournament located at Century Highschool in Santa Ana. There will be no doubt of which Parks’ Panthers will continue their professional, yet entertaining speeches and performances later on in the future. This was all made possible by Mrs. Vandergrift, Ms. Tippings, and Ms. Finny’s dedication towards the team.

Go Panthers!