Stan Lee’s Death

Ashar C., Contributor

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The comic book legend and the creator of many iconic superheroes, Stan Lee, aged to 95 years old and has a tremendous number of adoring fans. During Marvel Studios’ campaign, The MCU divided itself into three different ‘Phases.’ Originally “The Avengers” movie marked the end of the Phases. Phases two and three concluded with movies revolving the character “Ant-Man.”Stan Lee has been in all the MCU movies to this date. Unfortunately, during the day of November 12 of 2018, a day which dedicates military veterans that put their lives on the line to protect America. An ambulance rushed Stanley Martin Lieber to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Emergency Room, According to CNN. Sadly, Stan went on to see his creator. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Twitter is booming with celebrities honoring the death of the infamous Stan Lee. These celebrities honor Stan by posting a selfie taken alongside him. However, Armie Hammer disapproved this method to honor legends. His response was a comment on Twitter with a sudden twist at the end, “So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee… no better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself.” The Media responded immediately, and rather harshly to Hammer’s post. One woman by the username of @malexwalex replied to Hammer with a comment about a family death that she had to accustom to “I posted a picture of myself with my Grandad when he passed away. Was I showing off about knowing him and making that all about me too? No. Let people pay their respects how they want to nobody is the expert on how to pay respect and grieve.”

All things considered, several types of people grieve in their own unique way. We should not be one to judge. Stan Lee powerfully influenced so many individuals in his lifetime. Thus, many people express various perspectives of him. Never fear, Stan Lee always wishes to exceed and march forward to “greater glory.” That’s why, for years and years, Stan’s motto meant “Upward and onward to greater glory!” And yet, he still marches onward to greater glory.“Excelsior!