Dr. Lee Thrively Speech

Savana V., Contributor

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Dr. Jenny Lee is a hard working woman, and not only is she a mother of two, but she is also an intelligent Oncology Pharmacist working at St. Jude Medical Center. However, having a job like Mrs. Lee is not as easy as it might sound. To be able to have this job, one must have the following qualities: they have to be hard working, they must be determined to get the job done, and they must always have an open mind. As simple as these qualities might seem, they are rare among people because the qualities take a lot of time and patience to develop. A reason why one must have these qualities is because one is not able to just take a break from helping those with diseases such as cancer. Luckily, Mrs. Lee has all of these qualities and she is very good at her job.

In the beginning, Mrs. Lee never actually had her life planned ahead of her. Through her years of school, leading up to college, she had one question in her mind: “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Of course, it took her longer to decide what she wanted to do because she had never really met anyone who worked anywhere in the medical field. And she also had not found out what triggered her passionate side. Because she had this disadvantage, she had yet to make and achieve a goal for her future employment. But all of this was about to change.

For Mrs. Lee, going to college was mandatory, but even in college, she didn’t know what the future held for her. However, with quick thinking and an open mind, she chose an art major, in order to pursue an artistic job. Even though Mrs. Lee had a goal set already, she was not so sure if she had made the right decision. So she looked through her interests and the other possible choices whcih she would be open to try. And during this thought process, biology came up. And as she narrowed down the options for biology, she knew just what she needed to choose. As Mrs. Lee’s freshman year came to a close, she decided to take on a career in the medical field, as a pharmacist. After five years of hard work as a pharmacist, she became an oncology pharmacist for St. Jude Medical Center. But the story does not end there.

Mrs. Lee has a very complicated job and to understand what she does for a living, one must learn the basics. If one does not know already, the definition of oncology is “the study and treatment of tumors.” And the definition of a pharmacist is “a person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs.” And if one puts oncology and pharmacist together, one can find out that Mrs. Lee is a professional who is qualified to prepare and dispense drugs to patients with cancer. One also must learn the definition of cancer. When a body has cancer, it starts with a single cell that goes rouge and produces more rouge cells that will not die off. Cells are supposed to die off as the body gets older, but these cells are different. Mrs. Lee is the one who makes special drugs to stop these rouge cells.

Mrs. Lee’s work mainly consists of creating new and specified drugs for each and every cancer patient. For example, a cancer patient with a lighter weight will get a smaller dose per day, compared to a patient who weighs more. As all medications do, these drugs come with side effects, and Mrs. Lee is also in charge of letting the families of the patients know about these possible side effects. She also teaches the patients’ families how to prevent or treat them. The drugs that Mrs. Lee makes are not the pills that are digested, but they are injections, inserted through the veins.

After working for many years at St. Jude Medical Center, Mrs. Lee has gained much experience and many stories to tell. For example, the youngest patient that her cancer clinic has ever had was 18 years old, and her eldest patient was 90 years old. She has on an average, about 65 to 70 patients a day. She works with many types of cancers, the most common types being breast cancer and lung cancer. The most common ways patients get cancer is by too much exposure to the sun, smoking or getting a virus. There are some cancers that are preventable most of the time, such as lung cancer. However, there are cancers that are not preventable. An example of a non-preventable cancer is breast cancer.

Now that Mrs. Lee has been working at St. Jude Medical Center, she has concluded that there is no other job that she would rather be working for. She says that St. Jude Medical Center has a lovely environment, as well as a daily challenge for her, and that’s what she likes. In conclusion, Mrs. Lee is a hard working and a determined individual. She is a huge part of saving lives in our cancer society. And she is also a wonderful person with an amazing heart and an immense amount of talent.