The NHL Trade Deadline is Approaching

Joey W., Sports’ Editor

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Over the course of a few decades, NHL teams have struggled to stay a consistent playoff competitor. One possible reason for this could be because of the NHL trade deadline. Taking place on February 25th, all NHL teams will no longer be able to make any trades for the remainder of the season. This is an opportunity for the lower teams in the league to catch up and rebuild. After the deadline passes, NHL teams won’t be able to edit there starting roster, therefore creating a stressful time trying to set things right for the playoffs.


The NHL trade deadline has had many ups and downs, however one notable event happened on February 19, 2018. Former Montreal Canadian P.K. Subban was traded to the Nashville Predators in return for NHL superstar Shea Weber. Many conspiracies have been made about P.K., revolving around his aggressive attitude and lack of consideration towards his teammates. I personally believe these attributes have been falsely made, as he would never do that and just recently donated ten million dollars towards a Canadian hospital. Even though the trade was one of the most lopsided in NHL history, one may believe both teams still benefited off of the trade, as the Canadiens wanted a positive player and the Predators wanted an NHL superstar. The Trade Deadline can also greatly benefit the lower teams in the league, however. Let’s say a team is currently negotiating a trade, and the other just cannot accept it, or are unsure of the possible outcomes. The Trade Deadline will force that team to eventually come up with a decision, therefore giving the other team a chance to rebuild before the next season commences.


As all of these trades have been greatly followed, one may believe it is safe to assume that the NHL Trade Deadline can have many pros and cons, depending on your team’s current status in the NHL. As many teams have fallen from glory, such as the Canadiens, and many teams have risen to fame, such as the Avalanche, the Trade Deadline can bring lots of uncertainties when it comes to the future of the NHL.