Gender Separation In Schools[email protected]/3753683204

Jamie Cho, Opinions/ Polls Editor

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Schools should not be separated by genders as children need to be exposed to how society is like in the “real world”. On top of this, humans are social animals, making them work best when they are communicating with people. If girls and boys are separated from a young age, once they graduate and go to the next level of education, they will be exposed to everything at a rate which they might not be able to keep up with. This may have detrimental results. Without the equal competition in their upbringing at school, a student’s morals can be changed. Not that one gender is smarter, more sufficient, or better than the other but, some may have various strengths. Because of this, the stereotypical way of teaching each gender may actually not be beneficial. The way they are learning could be too vigorous or too slow for many. Additionally, the students will not have friends of the opposite gender. Without being friends and building relationships with them as children, they may not build the same respect for each other. Schools should not be separated by genders because it is necessary for the student to learn and grow together as well as learn in a suitable environment so that they can build relationships with one another. Many people however, argue that it is important to keep genders separated at school. Religious reasons are a prominent reason for why people believe in single gender education. In addition, there has been research stating why having girls and boys separated at school is beneficial. Such as, according to Great Schools, some girls feel safer when they are just with other girls. They were able to answer more questions and participated more in class. They did not feel as much pressure to ask questions without the additional boys in their class. Genders being separated in a school setting can be beneficial. However, many also argue that they should not be separated and that it could result in detrimental results.