The Process of Transforming Carbon to Coal

Wesley L., Writer

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     Global Warming has become one of the most known environmental problems and has been one of the main problems that the world has been trying to solve. Global Warming is caused due to the release of carbon dioxide, methane, or any other greenhouse gases which than stay in the atmosphere. When sunlight comes through the atmosphere, it heats the earth slightly and than gets reflected back into space, but with the greenhouse gases, they capture and do not let the rest of the light get reflected back into space, causing the earth to get warmer and warmer. Scientists are attempting to solve this problem by improving everyday technology so that they do not create greenhouse gases such as the electric car and solar panels. However, one new amazing feat that has been achieved by scientists is the ability to transform carbon dioxide into coal. Although the mechanism may be complex, this method can save huge amounts of energy and reduce carbon emissions very drastically.

     The complex method of transforming carbon to coal lies mainly behind a beaker filled with electrolyte liquid. According to, liquid metals are used to turn carbon dioxide back into solid coal. Current technologies compress carbon dioxide into a liquid form and then transport it to sites where the coal would be injected into the ground. However, this new breakthrough proves more efficient and environmental friendly. In the beaker, carbon dioxide is dissolved with an electrolyte liquid and then charged with an electric current. According to, the carbon dioxide slowly transforms into solid flakes of carbon.

     Researchers state that this new method could easily benefit the environment and humans. One side benefit of the method is the fact that the carbon is electrically charged. The carbon could possibly be used as a component for future vehicles. The method is also efficient and easily doable. The process also creates synthetic fuel as by-product which could be used for industrial reasons according to

     The production of coal from carbon dioxide is an amazing breakthrough that could help solve many problems. With this new technology, global warming could be reduced and carbon emission could be almost eliminated, getting rid of a major problem that the world is facing.