Culinary 1

Carmela Padua, Contributor

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Culinary 1 is a class full of new potential chefs who have passion for cooking. The students in this class have many opportunities to make all different types of foods, while learning the basics of cooking. Culinary 1 is taken for one semester by both seventh and eighth grade students. Every student has responsibilities in the classroom, unlike other classes. Mrs. Corsini teaches wonderfully about the cooking basics, and shows her students all different types of methods and help them cook safely in the kitchen.

This course offers so much to learn, every day students learn something new, and the class teaches them how to stay safe, sanitary, and make amazing food all at the same time. Seventh graders who complete Culinary 1 with a “B” or higher grade and good citizenship are eligible to participate in Culinary 2 the following year, so it is ideal that if the student enjoys culinary, that they maintain good grades and good citizenship.

Mrs. Corsini is an amazing teacher with so much enthusiasm for teaching and cooking, Parks Junior High is lucky to have her as the culinary teacher. She says about her Culinary 1 class in the second semester, “We are having so much fun, we are now in our second week of cooking and I am excited to see what comes next.” She teaches both Culinary 1 and Culinary 2, so many students she has for two years. If a student has interest in cooking and baking, he or she should definitely try to take the culinary classes. They would not want to miss out on this amazing opportunity of a class!