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Choir is one of the many electives that Parks Junior High School offers, and it allows you to explore your passion in music. The elective has two categories: Choir 1 and Choir 2, which offer a great learning experience for both beginners and experienced singers.

I interviewed a student in Choir 2, named Katie who says Choir 2 has inspired her to want to be in the music industry, especially since the teachers talk about opportunities available for choir students, like her. In addition she says that Choir not only caused her to think about her future in the music business, but to also be less scared of performing since she is constantly singing in public or in front of her family, and Choir has caused her to feel comfortable with not only singing but also dancing in front of the audience, because they often do dance numbers while singing. Furthermore, she says her confidence level has improved because of Choir, as she is more confident in herself and her ability to sing, from all the practice and lessons they have been doing together.

Katie has been in Choir 1 and Choir 2 and says they are different in many ways, but are also very similar. They are different because Choir 2 is more advanced than Choir 1. To get into Choir 2, you have to audition either in your sixth-grade year or going into your eighth-grade year. Along with that, Choir 2 has a separate after-school advanced choir group, which is called Chanson. Chanson is basically Choir 2 but with a smaller group. They are different, yet very similar in the sense that Choir 1 and Choir 2  both do one medley. A medley is a collection of songs or other musical items performed as a continuous piece. This year Choir 1 is doing Mary Poppins, and Choir 2 is doing Mamma Mia. Moreover, they are also alike because they both do dance numbers while they sing. In addition, they both perform at the same concerts each year.

She also mentions that Choir is extremely fun, and she has made so many new friends and everlasting memories, especially when performing at concerts. It is extremely exciting to show everyone what they have been learning over the year. She has learned so much already, like how to read music and sight reading notes. Moreover, Katie states that Choir has impacted her by helping her put herself out there and do things she probably would have never done before.

Overall Katie states that she has enjoyed Choir and it has been incredibly fun and enjoyable since Choir has caused her to go through so many fun experiences. Especially since they are going through it together as a group creating ever-lasting bonds. “Choir 2 has challenged me to a whole new level of performing and my confidence level has grown because of it.” – Katie S. 7th Grade