Is Time Travel Possible

Yash T. and Joey W.

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Time travel has proposed many questions and conspiracies revolving around the subject itself. The main question being: Is time travel possible? Scientists have conducted various studies, and have came to a conclusion: traveling forward in time is possible, but traveling back is not. Based off of the advancements in technology, the future of time travel has some very interesting questions that still remain unanswered, which we would have never dared to attempt to answer hundreds of years before.


If you were to time travel for a reason and you did what you wanted or needed to, the reason for traveling through time would no longer exist, therefore your past self would have never time traveled, creating a paradox. Say you went back in time to kill baby Hitler and succeeded. The reason for time traveling back in the first place would be gone, so Hitler would have lived and done everything he did, which is paradoxical. If time travel were possible, that would mean that there is a “you” in every single instance of time, otherwise, if you were to travel in time, anywhere you went would be a barren wasteland. This means that if you were to travel throughout time, the past “you’s” would catch up to you, meaning they would time travel with you, creating an infinite amount of you in an incredibly short time. If we had the technology to go much, much faster than light, and had a mass of zero, time traveling forward is theoretically possible.


Based off of these facts from various sources, we have done the absolute best we can in explaining the concept itself. As we know, it is a very hard concept to grasp, therefore hundreds of questions have been formed after the topic itself. These are the two main questions raised by Time Travel. If any new information comes out about this topic, you Parks Panthers will be the first to know.