Luxurious Supercars

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Luxurious Supercars

Joey W. and Yash T.

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Around 100 years ago, travel was very expensive and took tons of time. Horse-drawn carriages resided around the country, and Lamborghini had released their first vehicle. No, it wasn’t a supercar, but instead was a tractor-trailer. Everything was different 100 years ago in the transportation industry. Well, that was until recently.


Taking into account the price tag, aerodynamics, quality, and obtainability, here are the top five supercars that you could find yourself owning in the near future.


McLaren 720s


Created in 2017, this New Zealand race team incorporated all of the aspects of their F1 car, driven by Fernando Alonso, into a affordable supercar. Coming in at $280,000, this car certainly is worth it to any daring supercar owner out there.


Lamborghini Hurácan


This is probably the most common car on this list. Only pricing at $240,000, this car is a real option for those hunting to buy a supercar. Like most supercars in its price range, it gets around 14-21 miles per gallon. Also coming in at about 575 horsepower, this beast definitely earns its spot in your garage.


Ferrari 488 Spider


Unlike most supercars, Ferrari released a devil of a supercar, which also included a hardtop convertible option. For those owners who like to let loose and have your hair blowing seamlessly through the wind. This car prices at a hefty $280,000, but this is the only car on our list that has the option to transform into a convertible. With price comes luxury


Hurácan Performante


This is the brother car to the Lamborghini Hurácan, which placed at #5 on this list. If you want a track car, this is the one for you. With the power of 631 horses, it goes from 0-60mph in only 2.9 seconds. Exceeding the previous Hurácans specs, and achieving an immense amount of downforce, this car is definitely one for the track.


Corvette ZR1


This is it. We have reached the last car on this list. Only pricing at $123,000, but outperforming every single car on this list, we have the Corvette ZR1. It does 0-60mph in a mere 2.85 seconds, and also had the option to be a convertible. The convertible does cost a bit more than the actual car itself, but some people find it more than worth it. Chevy has been producing supercars for a long, long time, but this supercar, the Corvette ZR1, definitely earned its top spot on this list.


These cars do seem to be pretty pricey, however, with price comes luxury and a beastly car. For many, this may seem to be a waste of money. This is true for most people, but most people would not buy these cars nor would they consider it in the first place. They are mainly for collectors, racers, and those who are inspired by the aerodynamics and beauty portrayed by the ingenious designs of these luxury vehicles.