The Edible Water bottle

Wesley L.

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     Every year, forty billion plastic water bottles end up in our landfill. Edible water bottles are great inventions that were created to counter these rising amounts of plastic water bottles in our landfills. After years of developing, the edible water bottle finally entered the market in 2016.

      According to, “The new packaging technique is based on the culinary technique of spherification, which is also used to make fake caviar and the tiny juice balls added in boba tea.” The process needed to make these water bottles takes only a couple of seconds and could be done at home or at a cafe or restaurant. The cost of the process is only about two cents. According to fast, the water bottle would officially eliminate the need for trucks.

     After the water is consumed, the water bottle acts just like a peel of a fruit. The thin outer layer is used to keep the inner layer clean. Each water bottle holds between fifty to one hundred fifty millimeters. People are not expected to eat the water bottle, however, many want to eat it as part of their experience. According to, the outer layer could be composted and could completely decompose within two weeks. Meanwhile, the ordinary plastic bottle would take decades or even centuries to decompose.

     The great innovation can completely eliminate plastic. Plastic pollution levels would decrease and the environment would suffer less from pollution. Costs of water would drop and transportation of water bottles would not be needed.