Why the iPhone 11 won’t be a massive success.

Eric L. F.

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Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the iPhone 11, given the success that the iPhone X series had in 2017. However, the iPhone 11 may not be that successful or great. The reason for this is that Apple doesn’t like changing their designs. Comparing the models before the X, all of them have very similar designs, with some of them practically indistinguishable from the back or the front. The only time it really changed a lot was with the iPhone X. This likely means that Apple will keep this design for many years. And this design is going to get old pretty quick. The biggest complaint with the iPhone X is that there was a giant notch in the middle of the edge. Apple likely won’t change this to a hole-punch design either, as Apple wouldn’t really want to use something that Samsung created as they have pretty different phone styles.