Busy Saturday for PJHS

Beomjun Kim and Yash Thaker

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Today, at Parks Junior High, we had several events that many people attended to clear their absences. We had a chalk-drawing event, Saturday School, and Pancake Breakfast Day. There were several students that attended Saturday school to clear an absence. There were some classes that taught life skills to give us more experience. In the middle of the class, students came out to the theatron and watched the choir performance. There were a lot of songs that they sang and it impressed us because it was amazing that students were able to sing for a such long time and memorize all the lyrics that are in the song. I, Benjamin Kim, myself practice my speech which is almost ten minutes long, but I feel that memorizing songs is harder because you have to memorize the beat as well. Before the performance started, there was a Chalk Walk at 7 am. When I went there in the morning, there were a few people who already started drawing, but there was hardly anything drawn. However, when I walked around the drawing area in the afternoon, there were several drawings, many of which caught my eye. In the afternoon, Mr. Beaver looked agitated because he was worried about the students that will be going to attend this event. He was a supervisor of the event, and students on the blacktop pleased him with their artwork. I was helping with selling pancakes. We did a lot of work, and most of the work is carrying the items required for the event and bringing it outside. While I was helping the teachers out, I got to know them a bit more, and by talking to people that I did not know, I made new friendships. Talking to new people really gave me an idea of how to be nicer to people, and teachers taught me life lessons that I can use. Doing community service and gaining new experiences is really nice. By just doing community service, you learn a lot that you do not really see when you are at work or school. Today, it was worth it to wake up early and go to school on a Saturday.