iPads: A Problem at School

Evan Chen, Editor

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Nowadays, iPads are widely used in classrooms. The devices are almost everywhere, from middle school to even kindergarten. They are extremely convenient for both teachers and students, and are very versatile. However, there are many problems with using iPads at school.

The most active problem right now is from students abusing the privilege of having them. Many students at school are using the tablets for things other than education. Almost every student has used the iPads for gaming (cool math games are very popular right now), or have at least used them to watch YouTube videos. iPads are also susceptible to being used for answers to homework, class work, or just work in general.

iPads are also extremely distracting. Emails from other kids disrupt classes, and also makes you look like you were doing something wrong. Some kids also have a unexplainable urge to glance at an iPad during class, which distracts them from their learning and gets the iPad confiscated.

All in all, I believe that we should get stricter rules on iPad usage. There are way too many problems with using iPads in school, and I think that we should do something about them. Getting more supervision on iPad usage, or banning more school inappropriate websites could all be ways to prevent these problems from occurring. Or, if you’re just kind of lazy, you could just go back to using good, old fashioned computers.