Sans in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yas! He’s here!

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Image from Wikimedia Commons

Michel Ong, Staff Writer

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Do you want to have a bad time? Well, that can now happen because SANS, yes, Sans from Undertale is in Smash! Well, not as a full-fledged character, at least.

The Nintendo Direct of 9-4-19 brought many surprises, but the round 3 of DLC Mii Fighter costumes brought the biggest surprise: Sans. No one expected it, no one. But after the fourth Mii costume bought a big surprise. As soon as the Megalovania music (Sans’ theme) played, everyone knew what this meant. Sans would be revealed to be a Mii gunner costume with his signature Gaster Blaster as the arm cannon. Coming with a new remix, the Sans costume reveal was explained further by Sakurai, talking about the arrangement made by Undertale’s creator: Toby Fox.

This is also the first time we see an official 3D model of Sans, for he has only officially been seen as a sprite. The best thing about the new costume is that it actually looks GOOD! I feel like they were gonna make him into a fighter but chose not to. For Sans being a Mii gunner costume, the moveset for it actually fits pretty good as Sans, though not perfectly. Overall, Sans looks great in SSBU, even as just as costume. Undertale’s a great game, I knew lots of fans wanted this, and if you like Sans, I fully recommend it, just $0.75!