Parks Pathfinder Program

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Parks Pathfinder Program

Thrively is what we use at Parks for Pathfinder

Thrively is what we use at Parks for Pathfinder

Thrively is what we use at Parks for Pathfinder

Thrively is what we use at Parks for Pathfinder

Kevin Yum, Editor

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The 2019 to 2020 school year is the first year of the Pathfinder program here at Parks. One of the main contributors for this program is Dr. Gee, a teacher at Parks Junior High.

Here are some questions that Kevin Yum, an editor for the Parks Panther Press, asked Dr. Gee.

Q: What led you to take part in the Pathfinder Program?

A: When I discovered that the Pathfinder Program was largely about personalized learning and also high school, college and career readiness, I wanted to learn more about our district’s approach on personalized learning and personalizing a student’s education.

Q: Who did you collaborate with during the introduction phase of bringing Pathfinder to Parks?

A: The district provided me, as well as four other junior high school counselors with time to collaborate. Specifically, it was Ladera Vista, Nicolas, Beechwood and Fisler that worked with Parks. Also, I collaborated extensively with the counselor at Parks, Mr. Bledsoe.

Q: Were there any people who opposed the idea of bringing Pathfinder to Parks, or were most people on board with the idea?

A: The people who needed to be on board were and are on board. I am guessing that there are probably some people that do not think that they should be part of the program, or do not want to be part of the program. But, I mainly try to focus on the people who want to bring change to the world, and I work with those people.

Q: Do you think that the first year of Pathfinder started off as a success? If not, why do you think so?

A: I believe it has been a success. I see happier children. I see anecdotal evidence of success. We have data that shows that the program has been successful so far, and we’re excited about that.

Q: Has there ever been a time when you doubted if Pathfinder would be a success at Parks?

A: Oh yes. I am still constantly questioning.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add, regarding Pathfinder at Parks?

A: The success of Pathfinder has a lot to do with students and whether or not students are willing to open their minds to seeing a different approach.

Thank you Dr. Gee, Mr. Clemente, Mr. Kim and everyone else related to Pathfinder at Parks for giving students an opportunity to follow their path.