Friendship: Drama

Apryl Mitchelson, Writer

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  If you or your friend is caught in drama, make sure to find a quick escape.

How do you know that you are going to be involved with drama? First, crushes. I have seen a lot of girls at this school dating guys, at only 12 and 13 years old. And that’s how you know that they are going to cause drama. Drama could cause fights, which could lead to getting a referral, or maybe even suspension. When disagreeing happens, that’s when you just back away from that “friend group”, and go to a different friend group. When it comes to drama, it could also be bullying. The reason for that is because talking behind someone’s back, pushing them, or even touching them, could lead to drama and bullying.

“This year, I spoke with thousands of girls around the country about friendship and bullying. After the school assemblies and workshops, these students, who ranged from age 8 to 17, clustered around me looking for advice about their friendship woes,” according to

Lastly, fighting. Fighting is the worst way to start your day. Fighting is considered bullying if it gets physical, punching or kicking could cause drama. Drama is serious, and can be considered and reported as bullying.

If your ever in drama, or is/was being bullied because of it, the safest thing to do is report them anonymously, and also, if your ever being cyber bullied, or ever have cyber drama, definitely report that, in fact, you might want to read my friend Coco Standley’s post about cyberbullying.