Sksks: The VSCO trend

Pranathi Mathew, Contributor

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Urban dictionary has declared them the tumblr girls of 2019 which is fairly accurate except that VSCO girls are y’know happier.

Their aesthetic are based on the types of products they buy, they are defined by how they look and act. They have a specific set of items- hydro flasks, scrunchies, Puka chokers, crocs, a Fjallraven backpacks, light makeup and topped off with a coat of Carmex lipgloss.

The #vscogirl trend has been all over TikTok and YouTube. Video transformations into VSCO girls have over a million views.

Hundreds of girls are now called VSCO girls either embracing their inner non depressed tumblr side or pretending that the scrunchies on their arm just look cool. Sksksks is now an extremely popular saying with literally everyone at Parks doing it, (literally please stop)