Fortnite v Minecraft


From Pixabay

From Pixabay

Michel Ong, Staff Writer

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That’s my reaction to this. Due to Fortnite losing popularity, Minecraft has been coming back. Minecraft is a good game, so I see why people started playing it more. The thing is, people are now putting so much hate into Fortnite, saying it’s a “dead game”. What has it done to deserve this? I mean like, sure it lost some players, but the Fortnite community is still going strong. Over to Minecraft, people are saying great things about it about how it is “the greatest game of all time,” and you know, creeper.

You know, all I ever hear now is: “MINECRAFT IS BETTER THAN FORTNITE” or “FORTNITE IS BETTER THAN MINECRAFT.”We are GAMERS. Well, most of us anyways. Why does there need to be so much hate? Can’t we like both? I play both games so I’m personally not on a side. I mean like, sometimes I come up with good Minecraft idea and other times I come up with good Fortnite idea. The point is, BOTH games are really fun.

By now, these two video games are like politics, but worse. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The reason why I wrote this article to show how one-sided the community is currently. We should not take one side and hate the other, but instead treat both sides as equal. Or not, you know. People never listen to these…