Jeremy Rheeman, Writer

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As many students of Parks Junior High School know, there is an app on their iPad home screen called PowerSchool. PowerSchool lets students keep track of their grades on each of their subjects and let them know what their GPA is (Grade Point Average). PowerSchool also informs students about their grades on their homework, tests and etc.

It is not only students who have access to look at their grades, but parents also have access too, because they can get the app as well. This helps parents know if their kid is lying about their grades or not, and also see if their kid is doing well in school. Although this is good for parents, this is scary for the students since they don’t want to get into trouble by their parents.

There are also other features in PowerSchool aside from having access to look at your grades. It has a calendar, the schedule, a section that shows your classes and etc. These are just the more important ones. PowerSchool also lets students know their electives in their next quarters. It is also the same thing with parents too.

PowerSchool is a good app since it helps students keep track of their grades and allow parents to keep track of their kid’s grades. It lets the students know what subjects they need to work on, which can help them in the future.