Why are black cats up for adoption, but not adopted? The story behind it.

Apryl Mitchelson, Writer

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Are there even black cats up for adoption? Are black cats bad luck? Can you fall off a ladder if a black cat is really under it? All of these statements are false. I have a black cat and she is probably the nicest cat I’ve ever met! I love her and she is unique just like any other animal. How about black dogs? Are they up for adoption? Are black dogs just as “unlucky” as black cats? Can you fall off a fence if your dog is beside it? These statements are also false. I also have a black dog, and she is also the nicest dog I’ve ever met! I love her and she is unique, just like any other animal.

   Well, of course, animals have their differences. Like dogs are bigger than cats, cats have 9 lives, your dog can catch a whole soccer ball in their mouths, cats pupils can change, or anything else. Dogs and cats are man made! Again, animals have their differences, so love them both equally.


NEVER FEED YOUR DOG OR CAT HUMAN FOOD, CHOCOLATE, CHIPS (BECAUSE THEY’RE HIGH IN SALT), OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. Remember, they are different than us, humans. Please take this advice seriously, and don’t forget what I tell you, because you can kill your animals if you do something stupid.  

Now that it’s Fall, black cats are popping up everywhere: in Halloween décor, costumes, and TV specials. Sadly, actual black cats are often second-class citizens of the feline world. Black cats are the least likely to get adopted in shelters across the country, says the ASPCA.  That’s why the month of October is Black Cat Awareness Month, celebrated by rescues and shelters across the country. Black cats are lucky after all!