Instagram to start hiding likes

David G., Staff Writer

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We post things on Instagram and see how many likes we get. Our followers also see how many likes we get. However, that is going to change for some users.

CNN reports that Instagram has been testing with hiding likes in some countries and it has been successful. They are going to begin testing it in the US for some users. It is not clear who the users will be.

You will be able to see your own likes, but people won’t be able to see how many likes you got. People believe that this will help with mental health. People won’t bully you for having few likes. However, others say you will still see how many likes you got and may still lead depression.

Some stars like Nikki Minaj and Cardi B don’t like this change and say the comments are more hurtful than the amounts of likes. Others like Kim Kardashian think it is good for mental health. What do you guys think?