• October 17Parks students return to campus on March 13th
  • March 12Quarter 3 Report Cards Distributed on Friday, Mar 20, 2020
  • March 12Choir Spring Concert at Wilshire Auditorium on Tue, March 17, 7pm – 8pm


Who are we? We are a team of Parks students who love to write. Our goal is to inform and entertain the students and staff here at D. Russell Parks Junior High and others throughout the community. Below is a little bit about each of our sections.

News: The latest updates! This section has news from our campus, the city and all around the world!

Features: These articles are some of our favorites. They can also be found in other categories.

Arts & Entertainment: Are you interested in painting, music, drama or books? Then this is the place for you!

Student Life: For anyone who’s curious about the life of a student here at Parks. From lunchtime activities to weekly clubs, this section is a look into our campus!

Sports: This section welcomes any athletes or fans! Our authors write about school teams and professional teams.

Opinion: Some of our authors share their opinions on different topics in this section! Also, you can find opinions from students and staff around campus.

Science & Technology: This section is for any mad scientist, engineer, mathematician, or anyone else who wants to learn more about the world around them!

Young Authors: Finally, a section for pleasure reading! In this section, students from all around the campus can send in their poetry or prose for us to publish in the newspaper.(See our ‘Contact Us’ page.) Some choose pen names and others take the credit!

Feel free to leave positive comments to our student writers. We reserve the right to edit or delete abusive comments.

We hope you enjoy our school newspaper! Thanks for taking interest in Parks Junior High. GO PANTHERS!

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