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2017-2018 Staff

Savannah G.


Savannah is currently an 8th-grader who likes to write about things that are happening at her school. Her favorite subject is History and she likes to read in her free time. Savannah has played soccer for her school as well as...

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Shareny T.


Shareny T. is currently a seventh-grader at Parks Junior High. Her favorite subject is history because she loves learning about the past and how it has contributed to the world. Shareny loves eating, sleeping, using self deprecating...

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Mariah O.


Mariah is a seventh-grader at D. Russell Parks Junior High. This is her first semester writting for The Parks Panther Press. Mariah is also very excited  to be writing for The Panther Press. She enjoys writing and hanging out with...

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Edward Bae


Edward B. is presently a seventh-grader attending Parks Junior High school. His favorite subjects are math and science because they teach him information that is vital for the future. He loves watching YouTube or reading during...

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Marcos M.


Marcos M. is an eighth-grader attending Parks Junior High. His favorite subject is science. He loves to read comic books and the most important thing to him is friendship. Other things he enjoys include playing videos games, watching...

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Lola O


Dog petter•Gymnast•Memer Her greatest passions include reading, drawing, and playing Mario Kart. -"Remember, licking door knobs is illegal on other planets" -SpongeBob SquarePants...

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Gavin M.


Gavin M. is an eighth-grader attending D. Russell Parks Junior High School. Gavin's favorite subject is history. In his free time Gavin likes to socialize with his friends and play video games. Gavin chose journalism because...

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Dylan K.


Dylan K. is an eighth-grader attending Parks Jr High. His favorite subjects are Math and Science. He loves to play basketball and run in his free time. Dylan is excited to write stories for the Parks Panther Press.

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Carmela P.


Carmela P. is a seventh-grader here at Parks Junior High School who loves music, art, and writing. She likes to spend time playing guitar, singing, playing piano, playing ukulele, or having fun with her friends. Her favorite class...

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Christina L.


Currently an eighth-grader attending Parks Jr. High, Christina has a small Maltese named Cupcake, (the name was her sister's choice), and her favorite subjects are History and Math. She decided to choose Journalism with her other...

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Alyson J.

Assistant Editor

Alyson J. is an seventh-grader who attends Parks Junior High School. She loves reading short myths, and writing them as well. Her favorite subjects are Algebra I and Language Arts. She chose journalism due to her passion for...

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Andrew P.


Andrew is an eighth-grader currently studying at Parks Junior High School. He went to elementary school at Fern Drive and Golden Hill. Andrew's family includes his parents, uncle, and his two brothers; one older and one younger....

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Barbie M.


Barbie is an eighth-grader at Parks. She enjoys Parks Junior High, and is also excited to move onto high school. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, pets, and her family. Barbie has three dogs, four birds,...

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Joey W.


Joey is a seventh-grader currently in the Journalism class. He thoroughly enjoys hockey and fully supports the LA Kings. Aside from being able to name their whole roster, he also plays Triple A travel ice hockey and Triple A travel...

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Daniel S.


Daniel is an 8th Grader at Parks, and is also a contributor for the Panther Press. He enjoys tennis and swimming, but doesn't favor any particular team or athlete. In his free time, Daniel also plays video games from time to time...

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Daniel L.


An 8th grader at Parks. Daniel is a jack of all trades, he is capable of playing three instruments and is comfortable in any subject at school. Daniel enjoys being in an isolated room where no distractions are present, then eating,...

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Christian H.


Christian is currently a seventh grader at D. Russell Parks Junior High School. This is his first semester writing for The Panther Press. Christian chose journalism as one of his electives out of his love for writing. He is ex...

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Jae L.


Jae L. is an eighth-grader at Parks Junior High.  He loves playing basketball, and his favorite subject at school is math.  Jae is a contributor for the Parks Panther Press and enjoys writing articles related to sports.

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Ethan K.


Ethan K. is currently an eighth-grader attending Parks Junior High School. His favorite subject is math because he loves solving problems. During his free time, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. He joined...

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Mark R.


Mark R. is currently an 8th grader attending Parks Junior High School. His favorite subjects are Language Arts and History. Some of Mark's favorite pastimes are basketball, football, and socializing with his friends. Mark aims...

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Hannah T.

News Editor

Hannah T. is an eighth-grade editor for the Parks Panther Press. She loves writing short stories full of action, and adventure. Hannah has a dog named Dixie, that she loves to play with. For Hannah, family and friends always come...

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Allie W.

News Editor

Currently an eighth grader at Parks Junior High, Allie is fourteen years  old and is a News Editor of the Parks Panther Press. Some of her favorite things would include Del Taco fries, Coca Cola Icees from Target, acting, singing,...

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Edward B.

News Editor

Edward is a seventh-grader here at Parks Junior High. His mom, Mrs. Bleker, teaches ELA 7. Edward enjoys playing baseball for Golden Hill. He also likes to read and write.

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