2017-2018 Staff



Samantha is a new eighth grade student at Parks Junior High. She is a huge fan of soccer, currently playing for the Fullerton Rangers club team. Sam is also an animal lover of all kinds, she has two beautiful birds, a parrot,...

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I'm Lashawn I like going by Shawn. I don't play ant sports and my favorite color is blue. I'm afraid of dog and walk home after school. I have a real sweat tooth and love sweets and my favorite game is heroes evolved. In conclusion I...

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Alexandria K.


Alexandria is a 7th grader at Parks. She absolutely loves food, especially sweets. She tries her best to bake something at home when she has the time, but usually fails. She likes to read, write stories, and play games on her...

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Kaila R.


Kaila is a 7th grader at Parks. She likes to swim, body board, and write. She moved from Oregon to California 4 years ago. She is an older sister to two. She watches YouTube in her free time. She hopes to become a writer when...

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Rachel G.


Rachel is an eighth grade bookworm. She moved here from Pennsylvania and is in her second school year here. Her favorite things to do are to read, write, and go swimming. She would love to go to the beach more often. Due to her...

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Mia W.


Mia is currently an eighth grader at Parks Junior High. She loves to paint and draw. Mia's favorite school subjects are math and science. Mia has two Bichon Frise puppies named Oliver and Harry. She also has a younger and an older...

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Lynn S.


Lynn S. is just an average girl with big dreams. She is a 7th grader, animal lover (especially dogs), dreamer, kendo student, and a contributor of the Parks Panther Press News Website. Lynn wants to become a future vet someday...

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Ryan G.


Ryan's G. is in 8th grade of the class 2017-2018.  At home, he loves to go play video games at home and he also loves to play with his other brothers.  Some of his favorite foods include Chinese cuisine , salad, and also anything...

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Brandon H.


Brandon H. is a 7th grader currently attending Parks. He likes to read and play games. He loves cats and hopes to own one someday. Brandon also likes to yoyo. His favorite sport is basketball. He likes to draw in his free time....

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Matthew B.


Matthew is currently an 8th grade student at Parks Junior High. He enjoys watching sports, while also playing them. Matthew's favorite school subject is World History. He played hockey for his school and is currently swimming...

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Kayla P.


Kayla is currently an eighth grader whose favorite subject is science. Her birthday is April 9, making her an Aries. She is a martial arts enthusiast and enjoys reading, writing, and cooking.  Her favorite place is the beach,...

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Anthony K.


Anthony is an eighth grader at Parks. In his free time Anthony likes to read and occasionally write. Anthony hopes to get more involved in the community at his last year at Parks.

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During the past year of Parks Junior High, I have been on the track team, and competed in four events. I was born in California and lived here until I was six, when my family and I moved to Maryland. After living there for six...

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Eric J.


Eric J. is a 7th grader who is currently attending Parks Junior High. During his free time, he enjoys playing baseball, drawing artwork, listening to music, and writing. His favorite subject in school is math. He also loves to...

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Julio C.


Aspiring to finish the last slice of pizza. Anything related to being fake is something I don’t like. Professional sleeper in training. Netflix addict. Likes to edit videos. Doesn’t do well in sports. Inspiring others with...

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Susie L.


Susie Lee is currently a 8th grader in Parks Junior High, attending Journalism with Mrs. Halstead. Outside of school, she is an online writer, comic creator, and a digital artist. Her dream is to become a popular comic creator...

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Esther is an eighth grade student attending Parks Jr. High. Her interest in photography and videography caused her to join this Journalism class. Plays piano, cello, and tennis. Huge Korean drama and food addict. Loves going o...

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Noah is a seventh grader who owns two guinea pigs. He likes to play basketball and go on vacation. He doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. He is a Clippers fan and does not like pizza.

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Esther K.


Esther is an 8th grade student attending Parks Junior High. During her free time, she likes to draw and read. At school, she enjoys learning about all the subjects, because each subject has its own way of benefitting her. From...

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Kayla B.


Kayla is an eighth grade student currently attending Parks Junior High. She was born and raised in California. Kayla's interests and passions include writing, politics, social justice, acting, food from around the world, and drawing....

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Colin L.


Currently in 8th grade here at Parks Junior High School. He moved to Fullerton from San Diego a day before Parks Junior High 2017-2018 term started. Loves playing sports and is a chocoholic. Huge Marvel fan. Loves pizza and In...

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News Editor

Alysa is a 7th grader at Parks Junior High who loves music, art, reading, writing, and naps. She finds happiness in friends, sunsets, and playing the piano. Alysa hopes to work hard and make many nice memories this school year.

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Hannah T.

News Editor

Hannah T. is a eighth grade editor for the Parks Panther Press. She loves writing short stories full of action, and adventure. Hannah has a dog named Dixie, that she loves to play with. For Hannah, family and friends alway come...

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Miguel G.

News Editor

An 8th Grader at Parks. A food connoisseur in training. Eats anything unhealthy. Plays basketball for a travel team. Anything sports are his kryptonite. Loves technological things. Would do anything to get a dog (please Mom?)....

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Allie W.

News Editor

Currently an eighth grader at Parks Junior High, Allie is fourteen years  old and is a News Editor of the Parks Panther Press. Some of her favorite things would include Del Taco fries, Coca Cola Icees from Target, acting, singing,...

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News Editor

Edward is a seventh grader here at Parks Junior High. His mom, Mrs. Bleker, teaches ELA 7. Edward enjoys playing baseball for Golden Hill. He also likes to read and write.

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