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2019-2020 Staff

Josh K.


Josh is a writer in Parks Panther Press. He enjoys movies and anime. He is a Marvel fan and his favorite character in Marvel is Spider-Man. He enjoys playing with his Nintendo Switch. He likes to buy Electronics like Apple, Sony,...

Apryl Mitchelson


Apryl is currently 12 years old, and is attending Parks Jr. High school. After attending Fern Drive Elementary school for 7 years, she graduated. What Apryl enjoys the most is playing sports, sewing, sketching, hanging out with...

Jeremy Rheeman


Jeremy is a 12 year old and a new 7th grader who attends Parks Junior High. He likes video games, his dog and having a fun time with his friends. In the future he wants to go to UCLA. His dream job is to become a game designer...

Amy R.


Amy is a 7th grader who attends to Parks Jr. High. She enjoys playing outdoor activities such as tennis and swimming. Her goal is to get good grades and meet new people. In her free time, she likes to hangout with her friends and...

Yurim L.


Yurim is a 7th grader attending Parks Junior High. She is a 12 year old who likes to read and has a passion for writing. She is the definition of a bookworm and is a fan of Harry Potter. She hopes to become a great writer like J...



Eloriana is a twelve year old girl who attends at Park Junior High. Eloriana is very shy when making new friends. She has a big passion for writing, and she likes to write for fun in her free time. Eloriana's favorite colors are blue and...

Elliott Choe


Elliott Choe is a 7th grader at Parks Junior High. He enjoys playing with his dog, North. He also has a sister who he likes to annoy. His favorite subjects are math and science. He has a broken foot (for now) and likes to read...

Ethan Kim


Ethan Kim is currently 12 and attending Parks Junior High. After 7 years of attending Laguna Road Elementary, he has finally graduated. He enjoys writing music and playing with his friends and family. He wants to be cheerful and to ...

Chris Lee


Chris Lee is currently a 7th grader at Parks Junior High School. He attended Laguna Road for approximately seven years, and he currently enjoys building things, reading, writing, traveling with his family, and hanging out wit...

Ryan M


Ryan Mesnik is an eighth grader at Parks. He enjoys playing sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. In his free time he plays with his brother and watches TV. His favorite subject is History and P.E. Last year as a...

Shea H.

Staff Writer

Shea is a seventh grader at Parks Jr. High school. She loves to be creative with art activities, free write, hang with friends or sister, and watch YouTube/Netflix. She does photography, skating, surfing,  and soccer. Shea lov...

Coco Standley

Staff Writer

Seventh-grader, Coco Standley, enjoys traveling, photography, pop culture, surfing, and being on the swim team. She is excited to be studying Journalism, and is looking forward to writing for The Parks Panther Press.

David G.

Staff Writer

David is in 8th grade and is 13 years old. He has one younger sister who also goes here. His favorite thing to do in his free time is play Roblox. He also likes to swim, and ride bikes. He has nine pets. In the summer, he likes t...

Michel Ong

Staff Writer

Michel is a 7th grader who goes to Park Jr. High. His hobbies are eating and playing video games with his friends. He likes games like Fortnite (don’t judge), and Sonic The Hedgehog. He also likes watching YouTube and sketching/drawing....

Anthony Aguiar-Casillas

Staff Writer

Anthony Aguiar-Casillas is an 8th grader who is currently attending Parks Junior High. He likes to play soccer and video games in his free time. He plays for his soccer team Legends FC and German soccer team, GFL. In his 7th gr...

Micaiah G.


Micaiah is a 7th grader at Parks.  She enjoys playing basketball and baseball outside of school.  She also likes to hang out with her friends and listen to music.  She enjoys writing which is why she joined journalism. Hope...

Audrey B


Audrey B. is a seventh grader who enjoys being with her dog in her free time. When she is older she wants to attend ULCA and become a neurosurgeon. One of her favorite things to do is be with family and friends....

Pranathi Mathew


Pranathi M. is an 8th grader with a affinity for reading and photography. She wants to one day advocate for human rights. She likes Avengers and Pop Tarts, she hopes to travel to Greece and do a short film on mythology by age...

Kyle P


Kyle is an eighth grader at Parks who hopes Journalism will help him become a better writer. His favorite subjects are math and science. Kyle takes his math and science classes at Sunny Hills High School every morning. He wants ...

Evan Chen


Evan Chen is currently a 7th grader at Parks Junior High School. His favorite subjects at school are math and science. He attended Laguna Road Elementary School for seven years before coming to Parks. Evan takes piano, swimming,...

Kevin Yum


As of the 2019 - 2020 school year, Kevin Yum is a 7th grader at D. Russell Parks Junior High. For grades kindergarten through 6th grade he went to Robert C. Fisler School. He was born and raised in Southern California. He has ...

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