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Alaina Cardenaz was born December 23,2007. Alaina likes to skateboard and read . Reading has always given Alaina a sense of peace.She sees reading as a way to get away from life from time to time. Though Alaina likes her alone time she also Is a very family oriented person. Alaina’s Nino(godfather)has always shown her how important family is keeping her great grandmother’s traditions alive. Either it’s having dinner every Wednesday or having the family together every holiday. Alaina Is a child of four, the middle child to be exact. Alaina has always loved spending time with her family, especially her siblings. Alaina likes to hang out with her older sister, she also teaches her brother how to skateboard and she plays cars with her youngest brother. Alaina’s favorite quote is “You can’t tie someone’s shoes without walking in them,” meaning you can’t tell somebody how to make or should have made decisions if you were not in their place.

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Alaina Cardenaz