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Chloe Gyuyoung Baek was born on June 5, 2008, in Seoul, South Korea. Chloe picked up reading and writing languages quite faster than most young children at the age of 3, and was always seen carrying around a book since she could first pick one up. She has always been interested in learning new languages and writing, and is eager to learn more throughout this school year, especially in her journalism class. Her family immigrated to the United States when Chloe was roughly the age of 6 months old, due to her father’s studies and occupation, and they have moved states around 5 times since then. One of Chloe’s favorite quotes are “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”, by Dr. Seuss. She finds this quote very clever and nicely worded, and she says this quote oftentimes helps her change her perspective when thinking about things. Chloe also carries a passion for traveling. She believes that traveling is so exciting and unpredictable, and can also be very educational. Although not the best at athletic related activities, she does take tennis lessons, and seems to be enjoying them as of right now. Chloe enjoys spending time in her room learning and practicing the electric guitar on her own, along with journaling from time to time and going on walks outside. She has always been more of an avid fan of reading and history than other subjects, and she also is very fond of historical fiction books. Chloe hopes to make it into Yale, Stanford, or Columbia one day. Although her dream occupation changes almost weekly, her one consistent goal is to live the rest of her life happily doing something she truly enjoys.

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