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Darin Lee is a 13-year-old born on April 21st, 2008, the same month and day as Queen Elizabeth’s real birthday. Darin remembers himself sleeping at every cello recital he’s been to since it is 7 hours long. Darin had obtained his best trophy of them all called the Champion of Cello. He always remembers himself for being clumsy as for hitting his head and breaking his cello neck many times. He has been to many places and loves the snow background or discovering places such as the Horseshoe Canyon or the Grand Canyon. Darin also remembers himself watching every race for F1 Formula Cars around he could see. He eventually turned old enough to watch cars on YouTube and got even more obsessed. 3 years later 10-year-old Darin got to watch a race in real-time and got happier than ever. He watched as he saw his favorite car he saw him win 2nd place and jumped with excitement. Fast forward another year, Darin was now into Cello which he had learned at the age of 7 and was now 11 loved to watch and hear Le Cygne or The Swan (Saint-Saëns) and Bach’s Suite Prelude 1 in G major. He watched every video of those 2 songs there. Now, Darin is 13 years old playing BOTH songs, and remembers his favorite quote from the famous Yo-Yo Ma ”Culture is the way we express ourselves and understand each other and can bind us into one world.” This tells him to be welcoming and remember that he doesn’t know everyone and know their religions and it can bring us into one happy world. Darin now tries to be like this and motivated and happy to meet one another.


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Darin Lee