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Elena Solis, which is pronounced ‘Alena’ not ‘Elaina’ or ‘Alonna’ was born the second child of her family in the year of 2007. Some of her fondest memories as a child were growing up with a female black and white Pitbull-Boxer mix. She remembers coming home everyday and having a dog run up to her and smothering Elena in kisses. That is how her love for animals started. She currently owns one rambunctious puppy named Cocoa, who likes to sit on everyone’s shoulder like a parrot as well as two sleepy cats named Pepperoni and Watermelonisha, Pepperoni enjoys being a hunter who likes to bring her dead animals such as rats, birds and lizards, while Watermelonisha likes to yell at her for food. She also has two energetic rabbits named Cucumber and Mocha who like to chase one another all over the yard and fight over food. Elena lives with her family, which includes her parents, grandparents, uncle, two younger siblings, and one older sibling. One of them is currently going to Parks, her youngest sister goes to Valencia Park Elementary, which is where Elena attended elementary school,  and her older brother is currently in the military and is deployed in North Carolina. He works as a mechanic and works on things such as fixing generators that use high voltage. When not dealing with all the animals she owns, Elena likes to spend her free time messing around with her best friend, Fae, listening to a variety of music genres, playing Minecraft with her friends and family, or sleeping, like every teenager enjoys doing. Elena usually goes places on the weekends, such as parties, amusement parks, barbecue’s, or throwing parties at her own house. As you can see, she does not have much free time. A quote she lives by is “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” She lives by this quote because sometimes, she doubts herself and her skills, and when thinking of this quote, she has a little more faith in herself.

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Elena Solis