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Gabbrielle Rodriguez was born on November 26th 2007, four days after Thanksgiving that year. From birth her mother has called her mean which is slightly true. As a toddler, Gabby always chased and yelled at her siblings throughout the halls in her house. She found her love of anime due to her older sister introducing it to her in the third grade. She remembers her first anime being “Fruits Basket”, an anime about a family being cursed to turn into the Chinese zodiac animals and fell in love with it.

Another one of Gabby’s favorite hobbies are video games. This interest began at an early age when her older brother first introduced her to it. Her favorite memory of playing video games was with her older sister when playing “Zelda: Twilight Princess” which is the earliest memory of video games she has. Along with her siblings, Gabby also has four pets. She has two cats and two dogs. Her pets are all very dear to her, especially her cat she got for her birthday, Bean, who loves chasing laser pointers and the other animals. She also adores her dog Lizzy, a mixed breed, whom she’s had since she was in preschool. Gabby’s favorite quote is “The scariest and most painful thing is to be hated by someone you truly love.” This quote is her favorite because it hits so close to home with not wanting to lose any of her close friends. 



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