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Jayna Lee was born on December 17, 2007 in Fullerton, California. She currently attends Parks Junior High School as a studious 8th grader. Jayna’s family consists of five family members, including an endearing pet dog. Jayna has always been engrossed in reading and writing at a youthful age, and she has written multiple novels herself. As she reads those aged novels, she always laughs and reflects back to her bold, nine year old spirit. Her favorite subject in school would always be English Language Arts. This year, as Jayna enters her new journalism class, she is eager to provide Parks Panther Press with eye-opening articles. Regardless of Jayna’s fascination with writing, she has been in the field of swimming for four years. She has engaged in multiple swimming competitions and enjoyed her time competing, though it was immensely nerve-racking. Swimming has positively influenced her young self as she felt unrestricted to do as she pleases. One of Jayna’s hobbies is to travel. As of right now, due of COVID-19, traveling is quite arduous. In the past, Jayna has traveled to many parts of the world, and she feels the most euphoric during her travels. She aspires to travel more often later on. At the present time, Jayna spends most of her time either studying or spending time with family and friends. From time to time, she meets up with her friends and spends the whole day gleefully with each other. Jayna has abided by the quote, “When you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” She believes that always moving forward is vital, even if it means to recede every so often. Although this quote is known to many, it should still remain an asset to everyone. Nevertheless, giving up may be an option, but it should never be the path you should take. Always strive to acquire as much as possible. 

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