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Kayleen Chae was born on March 2, 2009 in Anaheim California at 11:00 am. The same day Dr. Seuss was born. She was born and raised in Fullerton, California and is living with her dad, mom, and sister who is attending Sunny Hills High School. She attended Sunset Lane Elementary and is currently attending Parks Junior High. During her elementary days, she got into the speech team and won many trophies and medals. Nevertheless, she got second place with her informative speech. Currently, she is OBSESSED with playing golf, trying to hit singles and is deciding to go on with golf to get a scholarship from Stanford. After she goes to Stanford, she wants to go on the LPGA tour if she has a chance. Kayleen loves to produce adventurous videos and make stickers for herself when she has time. She learned two important quotes from her older sister which are, “Everyone has a path, but your path is just better,” and “Champions fail too.” Kayleen looks up to this not because she knows that everyone is different in their own ways and she does not need to compare herself to one another. She is always reminded that she should not pressure herself to be so perfect because champions fail like Kayleen does. Kayleen believes in the saying “no matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder.” Kayleen believes this because of how motivated she feels. She knows that she can work hard and succeed. However, she also knows that someone else is working harder than her and can succeed a little bit more than her. She applies this to her life because she knows that working hard is always a key to success.

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