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Matthew Garibay was born on May 19, 2008. Matthew has always loved games even from a young age. Matthew played many board games, video games, and the list goes on. One of Matthew’s favorite games is chess because it involves risk, strategy, and sometimes luck. One of his earliest memories was in the second grade chess masters club. It was the first tournament he ever participated in and the final move was him checking the other player’s king, and checkmate! He was so happy and so proud. Matthew also loves to exercise for many reasons including it gets you fit, it makes you happier, and it’s sometimes challenging. One of his funniest memories of exercise was when he was biking and he tried to jump a curb, then the tire hit the curb. He was flung out of the bike seat and onto the grass. Matthew loves music and can even play a little keyboard. He is mostly into Classical rock and listens to it when he is playing video games and other things. One of his favorite quotes was “Where's the fun without a bit of risk” (quote from Fred Weasley) because playing it safe and having no fun is boring. So live your life the way you want to live it.

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Matthew Garibay