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On February 12, 2009 Pauline Paik was born with purple toned skin and wrinkles like an old grandma on her feet. Pauline is a twelve year old girl with quiet enthusiasm and has an interest in writing. Since she was young, Pauline enjoyed writing short fantasy novels about bunnies and foxes. Fairies with big blue wings and sparkly purple eyes would come here and there in her short fairytales. Pauline adores cats from siamese cats to Bombay cats. She doesn’t own one yet.  Pauline feels a cat will make her less lonely. Pauline enjoys listening to music, calling her friends or shopping. Pauline has a huge addiction to buying clothes online from different countries and states. Trying her best to dress well.

This year Pauline found out that she had scoliosis which is a back issue which was mostly caused by her bad posture during the pandemic. So sit properly people, Pauline hates having scoliosis. Anime is another thing Pauline enjoys in her free time. Her favorite anime is Love Chunibyo, and other Delusions, which is a romance anime about a stage teens go through. It is called Chunibyo which is a stage where some teens go through which causes them to think that they have super powers. Pauline believes that it can be cringy in some ways but it has a sweet story to it. Pauline enjoys collecting stuffed animals even at this age which she does not  have a problem with. Pauline has a stuffed animal named Pokyu. He looks like a penguin and has small flappers and she acquired him recently, he is her favorite. A quote Pauline looks up to is “Smile when you want to not when you need to,” it is a quote she looks up to because she thinks not everyone should fake their happiness and should just smile when they are truly happy. 

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Pauline Paik