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On September 20, 2008, a mother of one gave birth to a small child with the name of Ruthanne Ninfa Delos Angeles. She has always been a shy kid and barely spoke to unfamiliar faces. When Ruthanne was around five years old, her parents enrolled her in basketball, and she followed in her big brother’s footsteps. As years went by, she tried new activities like ice skating, acting, swimming, and playing the piano. Eventually, she decided that basketball was not meant for her and she focused on her swimming classes. Ever since she started swimming, it automatically became her new favorite sport. She loved how the water gave her a sense of freedom. Whenever she stepped into the pool, the feeling of the light blue liquid quickly surrounding her body gave her soul joy and excitement.

Although Ruthanne appears active and energetic, she still has an overflowing passion for writing poetry and stories. She enjoys writing because it is her special way of expressing herself whenever she has new ideas or new feelings building up inside of her. While reading through a quote website, she remembers Haruki Murakami saying that “Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” Ruthanne considers memories as a blessing but also a curse at the same time. They can be a great treasure, but too much of it can lead to the worst. Good memories lift you up whenever you are feeling down, and bad, unwanted memories can make you feel sad and upset. This is why she considers them both a blessing and a curse. Memories are precious, but there will always be dark ones hidden in the back of your head. And when those dark memories are remembered, they come back to haunt you again.

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Ruthanne Delos Angeles