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Did you know that Sydney Kim was born in the same year that Apple released the iPhone? Growing up Sydney always loved writing time in class. It was a time where she could express her thoughts and opinions freely, but was also a stress reliever. Many of her stories or writings are about her personal experiences growing up as well as things she finds interesting. One story Sydney wrote was about her once in a lifetime experience looking death in the eyes while riding a scooter at a park near her house. In spite of that incident, when she was six, Sydney still loves going to the park and being in the sun in general. She also loves her four year old dog named Mookie. Her favorite thing about him is that he loves to jump and shake his whole body when he’s happy. She describes her family and friends as “chaotic,” and her two other siblings make life even crazier. With a brother in his second year of high school and a younger sister in 3rd grade, being a middle child is not the easiest job for Sydney. Her favorite quote is “We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality.” -Judy Garland. This is Sydney’s favorite quote because she loves to read harsh reality quotes. She feels that there are so many cliche quotes that give you false hope and unreal ideals, that she enjoys reading quotes that give you a different perspective of the harsh reality of life. 

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