What is The Best Media?


We often consume a variety of media in our daily lives. However, while you may not have a preference in the form it takes, it may interest you to know what form is most effective. Generally, we ingest media through three forms: text, audio, and audiovisual. These can be news articles, podcasts, or YouTube. Yet while one may assume that, say, videos are better because they encompass more territory, that may not necessarily be the case.

Text media is fantastic because it’s the most widely supported form of content. Easily displayed and understood, basic text can be read and used by nearly everyone. The appeal of text media is especially prevalent with blogs, defined as ”a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style,” per Google. With basic text, readers can easily reread and organize their favorite sections without having to scrub through a computationally intensive video. Text is also open for interpretation, meaning some readers may enjoy writing more than watching because nothing is explicitly explained; it’s up to the reader to think about what the author is saying. 

Audio media best fits the busiest of people. While your focus is centered on homework or sports, both visually demanding tasks, having something to fill your ears simultaneously allows you to accomplish two tasks at once. Podcasts or eBooks have become a mainstay for content consumers, and are viable alternatives to their more conventional counterparts. Especially when doing something unfavorable, such as a monotonous task, having something else to put your attention help you against crossing the line of irritability. 

Videos are a truly glorious experience because it’s so absorbing. Whether to learn or to laugh, videos are the ultimate medium to sink your attention in. Due to the fact that understanding a video requires all of your focus, it’s an activity best enjoyed individually from other content, letting you fall into the world of the video. Watching a tutorial rather than reading one is often more effective since you can watch it happen, and in the same vein, watching a documentary rather than a podcast is more enjoyable since you can more easily immerse yourself. Therefore, videos have very solid ground when consumed in individual bites. 

In conclusion, there is no ultimate “best form” of media. However, one may stand out depending on your workflow.  Depending on what you need to do, the ability to have a block of text, simultaneous podcast, or captivating TV channel may fit best for your life, work, and recreation.