The Release of The Nine-Tailed Fox


Legend has it there is an evil spirit trapped in the Sessho-seki stone.
This stone is located in Nikko National Park which is about 100 miles north of Tokyo, named the Nine-Tailed Fox. But recently, the famous stone — believed to kill anyone who comes in contact with it has split. Many who believe in mythology are afraid that the Nine-Tailed Fox, also known as the Gumiho, has been released.

The Sessho-seki, or killing stone, is a stone in Japan that is said to contain the transformed corpse of Tamamo-no-Mae, who was once a beautiful woman and had been part of a secret plot hatched by a feudal warlord to kill Emperor Toba, who reigned from 1107-1123. According to the mythology, the true identity of Tamamo-no-Mae was an evil Nine-Tailed Fox who has the ability to shapeshift and therefore shift into a beautiful woman.

People in the media claim that cracks appeared in the rock several years ago, but just a few weeks ago, it has finally split into two. Hence the name, “killing stone,” according to the famous folklore, the stone continually spews poisonous gas.

Legend has it that if you touch the stone a quick death will follow. However, there is no proof that the stone contains supernatural abilities. But the stone’s unique location might have fed into the rumors as it is surrounded by multiple volcanoes.