Mac Miller: A Lost Talent


Born on Jan 19, 1992, Malcolm James McCormick, popularly known as Mac Miller, was born in Point Breeze, Pittsburg, PA. As a child, he held a high appreciation for music, so much so that he taught himself how to play the piano, bass, guitar, and drums at the fresh age of six. Originally having an interest in sports, he attended Winchester Thurston School and Taylor Allderdice High School to play football, but he would switch focus to music at age 15.

In 2007, using the name “Easy Mac” (EZ Mac), the artist released his first mixtape, “But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy.”  A couple of years later, he would change his name to go by Mac Miller, which he kept for the rest of his career. After gaining popularity from his mixtapes, Rostrum Records signed Miller in 2010 and helped him release his two albums, “Watching Movies with the Sound Off”, and, “Blue Slide Park”. In early 2013, Miller decided to create his own record label, REMember Music, focusing on signing artists from Pittsburgh to show attention to his hometown. For the next several years, Miller would gain popularity from his upcoming albums and signed a large contract between his own record label and Warner Bros. Records. He then released the album, “The Divine Feminine” in 2016, which became an instant hit for its portrayal of love and artistic creativity. His next album, “Swimming”, released on Aug. 3, 2018, solidified the idea that Miller was truly talented. 

However, at the peak of his success, tragedy struck. On Sept. 7, 2018, Miller was found unresponsive in his Studio City home. He was found by his personal assistant and autopsy reports reported that Miller died of an accidental drug overdose at the young age of 26.  Throughout his career, Miller revealed his struggles with addiction and depression and after his tragic death, his popularity grew exponentially. His hit single, “Self Care”, rose to number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and his album, “Swimming,” received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. Mac Miller’s talent has left behind music for everyone to enjoy, inspired younger audiences to chase their dreams, and raised awareness about mental health and addiction.