Korea Defeats Portugal in Group Stages


On Dec. 2, Korea and Portugal went head to head in a game everyone was waiting for. Portugal had the advantage with an almost 80 percent win chance and Korea with a win chance of six percent; but even though the odds were against them, Korea still managed to come out on top. In the first ten minutes of the game, Portugal made their first goal with Korea shooting one in at the 27th-minute mark. For almost the whole game, the two countries were tied, but at the 90th-minute mark, Heung-Min Son drove the ball all the way to the goal, flying by four defenders. When it looked like hope was all lost, he passed the ball to Hwang Hee-chan through a defender’s legs where Hee-chan managed to score. That goal allowed Korea to move up to the Round of Sixteen, the first time in over a decade for the nation.