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Elise Kim, Contributor

Avid fantasy and mystery novel fanatic, Elise Kim was born on April 7th, 2009 in Shanghai, China, from which she then moved to California at the age of two. When not seen with her nose in a book, whether paperbacked or digital, or antagonizing her younger brother, she can be seen either swimming, in the summer months, building fantastical structures in Minecraft, or spending time with her family. Elise can also be seen playing Für Elise, the song which she was named after, on the piano, of which has been her hobby since she was in kindergarten. Some of her favorite books, which had inspired her to take up a hobby of writing, include, the fantasy series, “The School for Good and Evil”, the “Harry Potter” series, the series “Sisters Grimm”, named after the Brothers Grimm, the series “Keeper of the Lost City”, as well as many other non-fiction documentary books such as “12 Years a Slave.” One of Elise’s earliest memories that she recollects is of her feverish flurry away from two exceedingly large, at least in a three-year-old’s eyes, yellow poongsan dogs (poon-sung), eventually escaping up onto her perch on her grandpa’s arms. This memory, to this day, proves to be a reminder that people’s personalities and interests are prone to change, due to Elise’s present strange adoration for dogs, of all sizes. Elise’s all time favorite quote, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” taken from the Bible, reminds her to be humble, to treat everyone equally, and to not look down on anyone.


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Elise Kim