Is the Impending Threat of WW3 Finally Here?

Is the Impending Threat of WW3 Finally Here?

 World War III, a title coined since at least the height of the Second World War. A title unfittingly given to the nuclear threats of the Cold War and the tense times of War on Terror despite both of them being wars that took exchanges across the globe. A title that had been awaited by many, in angst, and in the antipathy of other countries. But is the long feared threat and event of a Third World War truly on the world’s doorstep? Are we seconds away from another global war?

In a state of tension and pure animosity, Russia and Ukraine had been at each other’s throats since the start of the conflict in 2014, following Russia’s unseemly annexation of Ukraine’s Crimera Peninsula. But recently, the mounting strain between the two countries, as well as between the power giants, U.S. against Russia, has been starting to raise some eyebrows… and theories. 

Russia has recently accumulated 70% of the military force it would need to initiate a full-blown invasion into its western neighbor, Ukraine, which had officially declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. To take matters to the next level, as according to Reuters, the Russian military sent “battalion tactical groups to the border with its neighbor,” and, though their intent is yet unknown, if an invasion into Ukraine were to transpire, following the accretion of force needed, it could lead to the deaths of up 50,000 civilians as well as displace up to millions of people, prompting a refugee crisis in Europe. The Western Allies, which including the U.S. and Great Britain, are hoping to dissuade these attempts through the “threat of sanctions,” as according to The Week UK, but the withdrawal of embassy workers in these areas speak otherwise. Although Russia’s plan is seemingly isolated, the foreign prime minister of Ukraine has his thoughts. 

Ever since Ukraine had been officially independent from the Soviet Union, Russia has been understandably bitter toward its neighboring country. But Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, believes that this is part of a larger plan to take over Europe and cause upheaval. His thoughts are that Putin’s, the Russian president, plan was to “first, destroy an independent Ukrainian state; second, shatter Nato [The North Atlantic Treaty Organization] and third, cement Russia’s role as an illiberal rival to the West.” He also believed that if swift action was not taken, the Russian president’s plan would result in another war, if not world war, sooner or later along the line.


February 23        

Early Wednesday, February 23rd, the Russian military had drafted nearly 100% of all the forces that the Pentagon anticipated that the Russian president would pull in, according to the CNN live update news. He had “more than two dozen war ships in the Black Sea. The majority of them are surface combatants,” according to a senior defense official, as well as having “armor, artillery” and “infantry” on standby. In addition to this dire news, eighty percent of the estimated 100,000 to 190,000 Russian soldiers stationed at the Ukrainian border are positioned into “go mode,” as a U.S. defense official states, the soldiers getting “as ready as they can be.” U.S. officials warned of an invasion within the next 24 hours… and that warning stood true.


February 24

At the crack of dawn, Russian missiles flew across the neutral territory next to the Ukrainian border and flashes of light shone as they met their mark, in civilian populated cities as well as airports and military bases. Innocent civilian casualties piled up as Russian forces continued to push into Ukraine territory. Faint booms of bombs and missiles filled the air as Ukrainian citizens near attacked and targeted areas fled to underground subways. The long awaited and feared attack had finally come to realization and, despite Russia’s massive army compared to Ukraine’s, more resistance was seen than expected.

So far, no viable and agreed-on treaty, through their democratic approach, had surfaced. Although this attack was stationed in what seems like a world away from the innocent citizens of California, the, in fact, very visible impacts of this aggression has been seen even here. Gas prices that have steadily been on the rise as well as the fluctuations of the stock market are a few of the very much certain effects of these incursions. There will undeniably be more effects of these attacks and will definitely continue to escalate as the war continues to drag on. Though this is our world, all of our world, we have virtually no say in this conflict. All we can do is hope.


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