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Oliver Hsu, Editor

Oliver Hsu was born on January 11, 2009. He lives in a family of seven including himself. His family consists of one older brother, three older sisters in which 2 of them are twins, his mom, his dad, and lastly himself. His dream is to be an eye doctor since many of his siblings have bad eyesight. Ever since a young age, he was teased by his older siblings of being dumb to believe that he wanted to be a eye doctor. Nevertheless he is trying to do well in school so he could be like his older brother who attends UCI and is applying to medical school. In his spare time he likes arts and crafts, he especially likes origami. Every year he likes to make origami ornaments to attach to the Christmas tree ranging from an animal to a geometric object. The hardest origami project he took on was called a hex tessellation which is an origami project that contains lots of folds that shape into many different hexagons. He feels that origami is something to do whenever he is stressed or tired and it helps him to clear his mind. He also loves playing basketball with his friends even though he is not the best at it. His favorite quote is “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Oliver likes this quote since it means after trying your best whether it is studying for a test or practicing a sport you can see that you have improved.


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Oliver Hsu