Tea VS. Coffee

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

We all have unique tastes in coffee or tea, especially adults. Our interest in drinks such as coffee tea can vary depending on our age. But what causes this adoring taste and which is better in taste, health, and etc.


        Well, there’s further information to it than just being satisfied with the taste of coffee or tea. WebMD states, “Drinking plenty of both green tea and coffee is linked to a lower risk of dying from any cause among people with type 2 diabetes, suggests research published in the online journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.”this can show us that sometimes both coffee and tea can be both beneficial.

        Another stunning clash between these two drinks is that both have caffeine that have their own way of keeping people stimulated. Such coffee is an instant caffeine that allows the person drinking it to have more energy. On the other hand tea has its own soothing way of allowing the person drinking it to feel relaxed. According to Pharmeasy, a study from 2018 says “our body produces free radicals when it converts specific food into energy. These chemicals can damage the body cells and give rise to various diseases and ailments. Both tea and coffee help to produce antioxidants that help fight these free radicals.” 

          Both coffee and tea also prevents Parkinson’s disease. This is most likely because The caffeine found in both tea and coffee helps to protect the human body against Parkinson’s disease. Studies have also revealed that caffeine not only protects the brain but also helps to identify the early signs of this brain disorder.


One of the most prominent benefits of coffee and tea is that both coffee and tea increase your energy levels. However, coffee gives you an instant kick, while tea offers a smooth boost. Caffeine can affect your brain’s reward system, which adds to coffee’s addictive properties. On the other hand, adenosine has a sleep promoting effect. This can reduce your feelings of tiredness and fatigue. According to healthline.com it states that “In What’s more, coffee’s effect on your energy levels happens almost immediately. Once ingested, your body absorbs 99% of its caffeine within 45 minutes, but peak blood concentrations appear as early as 15 minutes after ingestion.This is why many people prefer a cup of coffee when they need an immediate energy boost.”

         In summary, it should now be obvious that coffee and tea both are equal in the same effects almost though some people prefer tea or coffee over each other because of its taste. Some people believe that coffee is better because it is healthier and others disagree. But we all can now come up with a conclusion that coffee and tea are equal benifits it is up to you to decide whether coffee is better that tea or is tea better that coffee.