Club Live Panther Pals


We have many awesome clubs here at Parks. One of those clubs is Club Live Panther Pals. The club sponsor is Mrs. Linda Wingfield. She started the club in 2018.

At Mrs. Wingfield’s previous school, Nicolas Junior High, a student wanted to start an anti-bullying club. She helped the other teachers and school counselor who were starting the club. She became that club’s sponsor when the school counselor retired. 

She added the club live part to the anti-bullying club as part of the club’s community service. She explains “The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) sponsors Club Live and helps promote positivity, leadership, and drug and alcohol abuse education.”

Mrs. Wingfield shared “when I came to Parks, I started the club here because I wanted to offer students a club that everyone can be a part of, have fun, and spread kindness by making friends and helping our community.” The club is open to any Parks student. 

Seventh grader Chloe Garcia shared that she joined the club because she got an email about the club saying to come with your friends and play some games. She shared “I had so much fun, I began showing up to meetings every single [time]. It’s a great way to meet new people, have a say on school events and have fun!” She gushed, “I really enjoy this club and it’s always something I can look forward to.”

According to Chloe, one of the best things about the club is club sponsor Mrs. Wingfield. She exclaims that she is so nice and loves hearing from the club members. She said the club is “a great safe place.” She encourages people to come “have a say on your school. We could always use more smart kids to brainstorm ideas.” 

Eighth grader Mahathi Prabhu reveals her favorite part of the club is talking and playing Kahoot and Skribbl. She joined so that she could make new friends.

If you are thinking of joining the club, Mahathi encourages “I think other people should join the club if they want to meet people and interact with them.” She shares that it is a relaxing environment where you can unwind. 

Some things the club has done recently is sponsoring the Red Ribbon Week Meme Contest and promoting Kindness Week. They have an anti-vaping campaign coming up, along with leadership training through OCDE. 

Despite COVID, the club still has its meetings. However, it is via zoom now. During the meetings, they play games, talk and just hang out. 

If you are interested in Club Live Panther Pals, they meet every Wednesday during lunch. You will have fun chatting, playing games, and making new friends.